Top 3 Things To Get Rid Of Before You Move

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Planning on moving soon? If you have not started slowly decluttering your things at home yet, you might want to do so soon. Anyone who has ever gone through the process of moving house is familiar with how tedious it is, especially more so when you have a lot of things to pack and bring over into your new home. On top of packing your mountain of clothes, you will have to think about moving your bulky furniture too. 

Decluttering in time before moving day will lead to fewer things to pack and move, therefore making it an easier, hassle-free moving process for you and your family. Whether you are downsizing or simply decluttering, there are plenty of good reasons to get rid of certain items in your homes that no longer serve you. If you want to start decluttering but are unsure of where to begin, read on as we outline the top three things to get rid of before your move.

1. Clothing you haven’t worn in years

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Moving into a new house is the perfect opportunity to clear up and organise your wardrobe. Hold on to the clothes you wear often and that you love. It might be time to get rid of clothings that do not fit, or is out of style. Donate it to a charity or to someone in need if you have it. When sorting through each clothing item in your closet, asking yourself these questions might help speed up the process:

  • Have you worn it in the past year? If you haven’t worn this piece of clothing at any point during the last 12 months, it’s probably not worth keeping.
  • Is it on-trend or making a comeback? According to experts, from its inception to its resurgence, a fashion trend normally lasts roughly 20 years in our culture. It seems rather pointless to hold on to a piece of clothing in the hope that it will return to the runway in 20 years. If the clothing is out of style and you no longer wear it, throw it out.
  • How well does it fit? Our bodies fluctuate over time in weight, size, and more. Holding on to garments that don’t fit is a waste of space and money. Either throw them away or take them to a tailor.
  • Is it in good condition? In spite of the fact that you may love a particular piece of clothing, if it has stains or is irreparably damaged, it is time to discard it. 

2. Old bulky furniture

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Consider donating or selling your excess furniture if you are downsizing. Moving bulky furniture that can no longer fit into your new home can pose a challenge to the professional movers who will be transporting your items back and forth. If the bulky furniture holds sentimental value for you, consider giving it away to someone you know who can take good care of it. But if it isn’t valuable to you or you don’t plan to use the furniture any longer, you can either throw it away or donate it. As part of our house moving services, CYC Movers also provides furniture removal service, so when you hire us, you will not have to worry about moving your excess furniture since we will handle it for you.

3. Books you won’t read again

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Moving into a new house with your entire book collection is not the wisest thing to do. If books are packed together in a box, they can be very heavy and take up considerable space, which can otherwise be used for other essential items such as your kitchenware. An alternative solution would be to get an e-reader so that you can have multiple books installed into your device without comprising the space in your home. Another option is to donate your old books to a local library or to a charity.

Engaging Our House Moving Services

At the end of the day, the best way to ensure a smooth moving day besides getting rid of things that you no longer need or use is by engaging in the services of professional movers who are efficient and experienced in packing and transporting your belongings safely. 

Among our house moving services are the dismantling and subsequent assembly of all required furniture, the removal of furniture, the supply of clean and protective packing materials, and the placement of all items at the new location as. Contact our team today to learn more about our services, and we will provide an estimated quote for your upcoming move.