Finding the Right International Movers in Singapore

Finding the Right International Movers in Singapore 1

Moving to another country is in and of itself a daunting task. From finding a place to reside in during your time there to settling in a brand-new environment, there are several things that you’ll have to check off your to-do list. Of the many things to do when moving to a different country, finding the right team of international packers and movers in Singapore to help make sure everything goes through smoothly makes the top of the list. While it comes as no surprise that moving all of your belongings to another country requires a skilled company that is equipped with all the know-how, the truth of the matter is that most complaints made against moving companies are related to missing or damaged goods. Since the stress of moving day is more than enough to handle, this blog aims to help you find the right relocation company for an international move.

Understanding International Movers in Singapore

International movers, also known as international relocation professionals, are a team of professionals who are skilled at moving your belongings to ensure that the moving and settling-in process in a different country is made easy. Unlike typical house moving services that help you with physically moving your belongings from one place to another in the same country, relocation services revolve around providing you with a full suite of services and support to help you settle into your new home overseas without any hassle. Some of these services can include everything from immigration assistance to customs clearance and freight management.

What Makes a Good International Mover

Just like how there are things to consider when choosing a moving company in Singapore, there are a few factors to look out for when deciding on the right international packers and movers to help you with your move. For one, you’ll want to choose an international mover that offers top-notch wrapping and protection services to ensure that your fragile and valuable assets remain intact. You’d also want to look for movers and packers that have a strong network of partners in countries across the globe so that your relocation experience is stress-free. At CYC Movers, for example, we have an established network of partners in five continents, which not only allows for the seamless delivery of items to your destination country through various modes of transportation but also provides you with maid and handyman services at the specific location. Lastly, a good international mover will have the proper accreditations and certifications which give you insight to the mover’s standards and quality of service.

Choosing an International Moving Company in Singapore

If you are looking for an international mover in Singapore to help you relocate, be sure to look into the services they offer and their expertise in the field. Choose international movers who offer and boast the following:

1. Full Packaging Services

Choose an international mover that offers a range of packaging services that will suit your unique requirements. Ensure that they supply you with all the necessary packing materials and the expertise of a team of professional packers who will deal with all your personal belongings, art pieces, IT equipment, delicate properties and other belongings. At CYC Movers, our team uses protective materials to pack everything and even provides wooden crating for all required furniture.

2. Dismantling and Assembling Services

Dismantling and packing all of your belongings is only half the battle won. Once your belongings are transported to your new overseas location, you’d want your choice of international packers and movers to take care of the assembly of all the required furniture too. At CYC Movers, we provide just that with our maid and handyman services at your destination country who will reassemble your furniture for you so that you don’t have to.

3. Customs Clearance and Freight Management

One of the key distinguishing factors between a local move and an international one lies in the fact that moving to another country involves dealing with additional complexities such as global security clearances and customs regulations. Let CYC Movers take care of this stress with our customs clearance and freight management services led by a team of experts who have helped hundreds of clients breeze through their moving process over the course of 13 years. With our established international network of partners, you have the option to choose to send your items to your destination country by air, land or sea. We can also help with the customs procedures to ensure that your shipment reaches your location in the shortest time possible.

4. Internationally Accredited

A reliable international mover and packer will have the stamp of approval from important authorities. At CYC Movers, we are internationally recognised by moving associations such as AMSA and IAM.

Moving Overseas Made Simple with CYC Movers

Moving overseas should be an exciting experience and not one that will stress you out. By engaging in the services of a reliable international packer and mover in Singapore, you can alleviate some, if not all of the stress and let the professionals handle the move for you without lifting a finger. At CYC Movers, we specialise in helping individuals and organisations with their overseas relocation projects from Malaysia, India, or China to Singapore, or from Singapore to these countries and the rest of the world. If a reliable international packer and mover in Singapore is what you are looking for, request a quote today, and get started on the relocation project with us.