Corporate Social Responsibility


Giving Back To The Community

At CYC Movers, we recognize that our responsibility does not stop with our employees and clients. We feel it is our job to take care of the less fortunate members of our society as much as our finances and business objectives permit. As such, we have implemented the following initiatives:

  • Donation of unwanted furniture to the poor
    Where usable but unwanted furniture is available from our customers, we will bring them at no charge to the less fortunate families who have a need for these household goods.
  • Pro Bono Relocation
    We remain committed in our desire to serve folks plagued by unfortunate circumstances. Over the years, we have assisted destitute families by moving for them at no charge.

    • We supported Angel Hearts (a non-profit organisation that aims to bring comfort to bereaved families whose babies have gone before them) in moving their storage facility.
    • Recognised by the Ministry of Social and Family Services (MSF), we work closely with MSF to provide pro bono moving services to families who need financial assistance.

If you think we can help any particular family with this program, or have unwanted but still usable furniture to benefit the less fortunate, please write to us at

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