The CYC Experience

Why should customers engage CYC instead?

Since our inception in 2003, I have been asked countless times the following questions:

  1. What is/are CYC’s unique selling point/s?
  2. What’s special about CYC?
  3. What can CYC do that our competitors cannot?
  4. How is CYC different from any other moving company?
  5. What is CYC?

These questions, or others along the same line, never fail to annoy me. And often, I wonder why I am irked by them. After all, aren’t they all very valid questions? Aren’t the answers to these questions the reasons why we will not just survive, but thrive, in this brutally competitive industry? And if I cannot clearly articulate the answers, how then will folks be able to understand and see why they should hire CYC?

In my attempt to get a kick out of annoying our competitors, I’ve asked them the same questions. Taking my “Annoy Them” mission a little further, I posed these questions to owners of moving companies outside of Singapore, as well as business owners and founders of companies operating in other industries.

The typical responses are as follow:

  1. We provide a better service than so-and-so and our competitors.
  2. We are special because our service is better.
  3. We are different because our service is better.
  4. We can provide a whole suite of moving services that our competitors cannot.
  5. We are JUST better!

Unwittingly, I find myself giving the same vague and uninspiring responses that show
I clearly do NOT know the answers! Now I know why I get annoyed being asked those questions!

After admitting my lack of intelligence and wit, my foolishness and ignorance, I got to work trying to figure out the real “WHY”. The answer to “Why should customers engage CYC instead of someone else?”

Whilst embarking on this mission, I thought back to why I founded CYC back in 2003? Why did we get into the moving industry? What did we really hope to achieve for our customers? Essentially, what is CYC and what does it represent?

Recalling the events leading up to the founding of CYC, I remember vividly reading forums on Yahoo!-searched websites (yes, when we still didn’t know what Google is) and learning about how unscrupulous movers were in Singapore. Horror stories of customers being held ransom by their movers were aplenty. In one of those A-ha moments then, I felt I could, and should, do some good to folks who really just want to move into their new homes with minimal fuss.

CYC Crew Bubble Wrapping Furniture
Professional and dedicated crew prepping customer's furniture before move
CYC Crew Carrying Furniture Along Corridors of HDB

So, from Day 1, our objective was simply to provide moving services that our customers can depend on, to be movers our customers can trust not to cheat them. And so, we operated with this mission in mind. But, how do we articulate this so that our customers and the general public think such of us? How do we ensure that every staff in our company understand and embrace this objective?

The answer, I realized, lies in the CYC Experience, an experience where anyone who trust us enough to give us the privilege to move them is reciprocated by our trusted and assuring services. Put simply,

our purpose is to provide trusted and assuring
moving experiences to people who care about their families and colleagues

With this, we constantly ask ourselves how we can help our customers feel trusted and assured throughout their moving journey with us.

Guided by these questions and our daily interactions with our customers, we developed a culture of constantly building the trust that our customers deserve. We believe so much in how our customers deserve nothing less than the CYC Experience that we feel sad when a customer decides to hire another moving company. Sad not because we lost the opportunity to add to our coffers, but because we truly believe they deserve better.

Having said that, does this mean that we will never fail in some way or another? That there will be no accidents / damages? That we are capable of moving everything? That we will be immune to unforeseen acts-of-God circumstances that throw a move plan out of sync?

To that, I will be the first to emphatically say that we are not perfect. Yes, we will make mistakes occasionally, either by unforced errors or just pure bad luck. Just like any MNCs which provide a service / sell a product, or elite athletes who compete at the highest level week after week, we won’t win all the time. Yes, even the GOATs will fail sometime. And so, we fully recognize that we will too.

BUT, when we fail, our customers can be assured that we will right the wrong and that we will fix the problems to the best of our ability instead of running away from it. And this is the assurance we give to everyone who trust us with their move.

To date, we have been extremely fortunate to have everyone in our team, especially our move supervisors and crew, embrace the CYC Experience.

CYC Movers Crew And Fleet of Trucks - Home And Office Moving ServicesThrough their daily actions, they have wowed our customers, many of whom have taken time out to write us very generous compliments (see We are humbled and deeply grateful for this.

As we continue in our quest to serve our customers better, if you have experienced our services, please let us know how we can serve you better the next time.


Bernard Chua
Founder, CXO
June 2019