5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Moving Company In Singapore

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Moving Company In Singapore 1

Moving can be a big hassle, especially if you do not have the right assistance to help you complete the task at hand. Whether you are relocating homes, moving offices, or need to transport IT and laboratory equipment from one location to another, high levels of care need to be put in to ensure that everything remains in tip-top condition. And while engaging the services of a moving company in Singapore is sure to take the load off your shoulders, finding the right one is not as easy as it seems. From being proficient in handling complex and time-consuming tasks to helping you accomplish your relocation smoothly without any hassle, a quality mover is a must. While many companies providing mover services can indeed fulfil the simple task of delivering your belongings from point of origin to the destination, not every service provider is meticulous and experienced in the field. Therefore, you’ll have to consider several things before diving head first and trusting a moving company with everything. Consider the following when choosing between various professional movers in Singapore to ensure that you’re on the receiving end of the best quality service.

1. Customer Service

Customer service is one of the main factors that customers should check before they choose a moving company. This includes everything from the transparency of their service costs to whether they have a personal data protection act. And of course, when moving things from one location to another, mishaps are bound to occur. And should they happen you’ll want the moving company to bear the responsibility for it. When you work with moving companies like CYC Movers, our moving services such as home moving include insurance coverage so that you are protected from any mishaps, should they occur along the way. Moreover, CYC Movers has also created a privacy policy that demonstrates a firm commitment to protecting your personal data.

2. Moving Services

When checking on the moving services that are provided, look into what is included to facilitate the moving process. Do they only pack and move your furniture? Or do their services include covering things such as dismantling and reassembling the furniture back together and placing them in a designated location in your new space? Confirming a moving company’s services is as important as checking their customer service, ensuring that all your needs are met and the money invested into their services is worth every penny.

3. Reputation 

Part of the moving service search is looking at their reputation. Are they recognised by moving organisations like the International Association of Movers? Affiliation with such associations is a clear indication of the reliability and accountability of the moving company. CYC Movers, for example, is a long-standing member of internationally recognised moving associations like the American Moving & Storage Association as well as the aforementioned International Association of Movers. With recognition from organisations like the former, you can rest assured that the level of professionalism, commitment to ethics, and quality of service is top-notch.

4. Reviews by Previous Clients

In this day and age, word of mouth is everything. Therefore, when it comes to being certain about the services of a moving company, checking their online reviews can give you genuine answers as to how they truly handle their clients’ needs. Ensure that their promises and business philosophies are reflected in their client testimonials and that their services are highly recommended by their clients.

5. Experience, Expertise, & Licensing

You can merely determine a moving company’s professionalism by knowing their history. It helps to know how long they have been in the industry as a long standing mover company in the local market gives insight into the quality of services they offer and if they truly have a proven track record. It is also important to do your due diligence and run a background check to determine if the mover you are looking to engage is licensed or registered on BizFile.

Work with Professional Movers in Singapore at CYC Movers

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