5 Places To Donate Or Sell Your Preloved Goods Before Moving Out Of Singapore

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The only time you truly realise just how much stuff you have in your home is when you start planning a move overseas. The bigger your home, the more stuff you seem to accumulate. When you are planning a house move, it gives you a great opportunity to get rid of all those things you don’t use or need, while doing a good deed at the same time. Besides, what’s the point of keeping all that stuff when someone else can make better use of it?

If you are moving abroad and are unsure what to do with all of your furniture and other household items, we have compiled a list of places where you can donate or sell your preloved goods before moving out of Singapore!

1. SGFreecycle

For people who are comfortable giving away their pre-owned items for free, you can check out this community – SGFreecycle – which allows people to advertise their pre-owned items for free. The group has over 3,000 members on Facebook and close to 16,000 on Yahoo. There are new posts almost every day to their Facebook group, and people are offering all kinds of stuff, from refrigerators to bookbinders. If you are not planning to move your furniture to your new place or are unable to sell your furniture item, consider donating it rather than throwing it away.

2. Carousell

Carousell is an online marketplace for buying and selling new and second-hand items. On their website, they have a category for furniture and home decor, and many users are selling preowned items, from sofas to teakwood cabinets. Carousell is a good option because it is easy and free to use, and there are many active users, so you can find buyers easily. On the downside, Carousell buyers often suggest ridiculously low prices for your items, so you should be prepared to ignore these people and find other suitable buyers. If you have bulky furniture you don’t intend to take with you to your new place, this option is perfect, but it may take a bit of back and forth to find a suitable buyer. Check out their website here.

3. Eco Ring

If you have too many branded items, Eco Ring is another great platform to help you declutter and ease your house moving process. After spending hefty amounts of money on your branded bags, the last thing you want is to let go of them at low prices. At Eco Ring, you can sell your branded items and get the best prices for your pre-loved items. Their appraiser will assess the condition and authenticity of your items before sending over a preliminary quotation. Upon evaluation, their appraiser will provide a final, non-obligatory quotation with the relevant explanations. Finally, once the final quotation has been accepted, payment will be made to you immediately via Cash, PayNow or FAST Bank Transfer. They have multiple outlets too, so you can either visit any of their outlets, opt for home service, or courier pick-up.

4. Pass It On

Pass It On is a website run by the Helping Hand organisation, a Christian halfway house for recovering addicts. The website allows you to donate items to the needy in Singapore. The process is easy, you just need to create an account, and provide information about the items that you would like to donate. It would be ideal if these items are still in mint condition.

5. CYC Movers

For those who would like to declutter their household items in a short period of time, we highly recommend utilising our furniture moving services as we will bring usable but unwanted furniture from our customers at no charge to the less fortunate families, identified by you, who have a need for these household goods. At CYC Movers, we recognize that our responsibility does not end with our employees and clients. We believe that taking care of the less fortunate members of our society is our duty as much as our finances and business objectives allow.

Otherwise, if you aren’t ready to let go of your items, you can always store your possessions in our secure storage facility. We offer secured short and long term storage solutions to facilitate your move requirements, should it be house moving, office moving or international moving.

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