How To Prepare Your Items For Long-Term Storage

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In the event you’re moving out of the country, going on a long trip away from home, or need to store all the things you own, long-term storage will help keep everything safe and secure until you’re ready to take them out, wipe them down, and start using them again.

When everything is done correctly, you’ll find that the items are in pristine condition and as ready to go as if they were just dropped yesterday. With our safe and clean storage facilities, and with the help of our professional international movers, you’ll find that moving and storing your belongings and furniture is hassle-free. From labelling your boxes to mapping out your storage for furniture and other belongings, we’ve compiled a step-by-step guide for preparing your items for long-term storage for your convenience!

Step 1: Ensure all your items are clean and dry

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It is not a good idea to store dirty items and furniture. In some cases, depending on what kind of item it is and what kind of dirt is on it, you may find that it has become permanently stained or embedded. There is even a possibility that it might attract pests, such as food particles in an improperly cleaned refrigerator or sofa. 

When moving your furniture into a storage space, be sure to clean surfaces with the appropriate cleaner and disinfect appliances and clean thoroughly with a vacuum before moving them. Before storing your furniture and belongings, it’s important to ensure that the surfaces are completely dry. If they aren’t, metal surfaces will begin to rust after some time. You may also begin to see mildew and mould growing on your items.

Step 2: Wrap your items properly and pack them in boxes

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The type of material you will need for wrapping your items will differ from one item to the next, so you must be very careful to choose the right one. When putting items in and out of storage, fragile items, such as vases, art, electronics, or similar items, should be wrapped in soft packing paper to prevent damage from being caused by bumping.

Plastic wrap can be used to store other items, while vacuum-sealed bags can be used for clothing. To cover upholstered furniture, use cotton sheets. It is recommended that you store your items in proper packing boxes, so that they do not get damaged during transport. 

Our international moving services at CYC Movers include complete packing services for your personal items, artworks, documents, office equipment and other delicate items, as well as protective materials and packing of all necessary furniture. We have experienced international movers who can help you with the entire moving process. Leaving your furniture moving and packing to them will give you peace of mind knowing that your belongings are in good hands.   

Step 3: Sort and stack the boxes neatly

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In spite of choosing the right sized unit for your needs, it’s hard to have all your items fit properly unless you arrange them well. Arranging your things well will also keep them from falling off and damaging themselves over time. Here are some tips to arrange your items securely:

  • Place lighter items at the top and heavier items at the bottom
  • If the items in the boxes are fragile, cushion the interiors with bubble wrap, old clothes, or crumpled paper.
  • Protect all boxes from moisture and dust by properly sealing them.
  • Sort boxes with similar contents and items of similar types together.

Step 4: Label all boxes

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The boxes should all be labelled. The labelling can either be general, like “kitchen utensils”, or where necessary, be more specific to the contents of the box. That would make finding what you need much easier without having to open every box. It helps to draw a map of the storage unit, highlighting where various key items are located.

Preparing For Long-Term Storage? Engaging Our International Movers!

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