Home Moving Guide: Items NOT To Pack For The Moving Truck

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What is it you said you’re bringing onto the moving truck?

“Mattress” – Okay!
“Trampoline” – No Problem!
“Washing Machine” – Sure!
“Refrigerator” – We’ve got it!

At CYC Movers, we’ll go above and beyond to ensure that your belongings have been properly wrapped for protection, and delivered safely to your new home. However, there are items that you might not want to have packed onto the moving truck. You may choose to exclude them to ensure they remain safe on the move, or that you may need access to some of the items during or directly after the move.

To help you, we have gathered a list of what you might choose to bring along with you on move day.


Essential Items For Your Move
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  • Keys
  • Cash
  • ATM card/Credit card
  • Mobile phone and tablet
  • Laptop
  • Medication
  • Mover’s contact number

Yes! Keys to your new home makes the first on this list. Though not often, there have been cases where owners had forgotten to bring along the keys to their new home. A client had accidentally packed them into one of the boxes onboard the truck. Fortunately, his wife had the spare key on hand!

When you see our staff, remember to get his contact number and save it on your phone immediately so that you can quickly call him should you need to.

Valuable and Sentimental Items

Photos and Memories
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  • Collectibles like coins and stamps
  • Family photos and home-made videos (if you still have them on tapes/CD)
  • Jewellery
  • Heirlooms
  • Fragile antiques

Although you can pack these items in boxes to be moved by our trucks, some of our customers prefer to carry their valuable and sentimental items that are irreplaceable.

If possible, try to convert photos and home-made videos to digital equivalents and transfer them into a good hard disk. This way, you’ll have less to bring along. For antiques that are too large to transport on your own, simply inform us and we will help you wrap and secure those items during the move.

Some families have safe deposit boxes that need to be brought to their new home. While the safe box would be too heavy to transport on your own, it is advised that owners remove their valuables from the safe before our movers take it to the truck.

Important Documents

Important personal documents for move
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  • Moving Checklist and related moving documents
  • Checkbooks
  • Financial/tax/insurance documents
  • Housing documents
  • IC, passports, subsidy cards like CHAS, Merdeka/Pioneer cards, etc.
  • Personal documents – birth, marriage, qualification certificates, medical records

Just as in the previous category of items, our movers are also able to help with moving important documents. However, we would advise our clients to keep all personal documents with them.

Create a folder that contains your moving checklist and other documents related to the move so that you’ll be able to cross-check and see if you’ve missed out anything. Most of the other documents listed may be needed soon after the move, and having them easily accessible makes it more convenient for yourself and your family.

Open-First Box

Couples tired from unpacking boxes after home moving
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Home moving is a tedious process and most owners do not unpack all their boxes within the immediate weeks after the move.

Therefore we have drawn up a list of items to include for your ‘open-first’ box – one that contains living essentials for a week – so that you’ll have easy access to the necessary day-to-day items, at least for when move day has ended and you’re too tired to look for boxes to unpack.

  • Electronic device charger
  • Small toolkit
  • Torchlight
  • Comfortable shoes and change of clothes (include undergarments and pyjamas)
  • Towels
  • Toiletries
    Urgent for the toilet in your new home
    Photo: FreepikUnless you intend to get some from the new neighbourhood, bringing some toiletries will allow you to wash up as soon as you need to. Consider packing along body soap, shampoo, hair conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste and most importantly, toilet paper!
  • Bedsheet, blankets and pillows

    Remember that you’ve stripped your mattresses off their bedsheets for the move? Now you’ll need one putting over them again for the first slumber at your new home.

  • Pet food, treats, food and water bowls, leash and favourite toys

    Pets' Essentials
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    Moving can be stressful for pets as it will be on you and the rest of the family. If you have pets, help them ease this transition to the new environment with their favourite treats and toys. Your furkids will be grateful for that extra attention!

  • Kids’ snacks and favourite toy/game

    Build a box with your child that includes all his favourite items
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    If you have young children, create a box of their favourite items to keep them entertained on moving day. As soon as you’ve reached your new home, dedicate a room just for your children and let them play with the items in their personal boxes. Doing so will also help them adapt better to the new home.

  • Small basket or tray to hold wallets, keys and phones

    Tray for belongings
    In the midst of all the arranging of furniture and unpacking of belongings, we often misplace our keys, phones and wallets. Bring along a small tray that will hold all these small items, leaving it at that one spot of the home.

Now that you have a list of what not to pack for the truck, you’re prepared to assemble everything you can take on the moving truck! Need more resources? Do check out this moving guide.

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