TMSI Move Oct 2019

Ending the day

We believe every organization deserves a trusted and assuring moving experience. Period.

So, when we were hired by a repeat client to manage a non-routine move, the pressure was on for us to continue to deliver the moving experiences that they have come to expect of us.

On 30 Oct 2019, we were tasked by a research institute to move their brand-new laboratory equipment from mainland Singapore into St John’s Island. One of the biggest challenges to moving these 6-digit dollar value worth of equipment (some of which weigh more than 400kg) was to lift them onto and out of the ferry without cranes. Choppy waters made the loading and unloading process a much more challenging affair. To top it off, most of these equipment had to be carried up by stairs before they were positioned in their respective locations within the lab.

Many thanks to our ever-reliable crew for taking care of our client’s need throughout the move! You guys rock!
And to our awesome client, thank you for trusting CYC Movers with your move once again!