Should we get new furniture or move old ones?

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Moving to a new home can be stressful, especially when you have furniture that you can’t decide whether to move or throw. We’d like to help you take some of the stress out of your moving experience.

Should we move our old furniture or buy new ones?

Beside choosing a good house mover, one of the most difficult decisions to make when moving is whether to replace our old furniture with new ones.

In collaboration with Primero, an online furniture store in Singapore, we try to provide practical, actionable advice that we hope will help you.

Your old furniture’s value

Before deciding on whether to throw or move a particular piece of furniture, we should first consider its value and how long it will last. Here are a few things to look at:

  • Is the furniture still useable and comfortable?
  • Is it in good condition?
  • How long more can the furniture last?
  • Does the furniture cost a lot and is it worth the hassle?
  • Furniture with sentimental value

If you have stylish, beautiful furniture that suits your needs and taste, you might feel like bringing every one of them over. Consider the condition of the sofas, tv consoles and other home furniture. There usually isn’t much point in bringing over an old couch to your new home if it’s old and isn’t comfortable anymore.

For those with sofas or dining tables that are extremely long or bulky, you should first note whether the items will fit into the lift of your new home. If they require movers to move the furniture up the stairs, then that might increase your moving quote by a significant bit. If your item is bulky but it doesn’t really fit into your new home, then you might want to consider tossing the item or selling them on the used market.

Of course, if you have furniture that’s a gift from a loved one or a piece that’s been passed down, you should definitely try your best to move it into your new home.

Does the furniture fit into your new home?

You’ll have to take both the layout and style of your new home into consideration.

Does your furniture fit into your new home? You’ll need to consider the space of the living room, your bedroom, and also the size of the doorways.

Not only should we be measuring the length and width of different parts of the given space, these measurements also ought to be extremely detailed and it’d be best if we can measure each corner and space repeatedly to ensure accuracy. It is also critical to measure your entrances and doorways to prevent potential delivery mishaps like your furniture being unable to even enter the room after they’re there.

However, some types of furniture can be dismantled and made to fit. Professional moving companies like CYC Movers do provide services like the dismantling and assembling of your furniture, so be sure to check their services before making a decision.

You should also try to plan the layout of your home according to the space limitations. For example, if you’re moving into a smaller condominium with a smaller living room space, you might not want to bring your huge L-shape sofa with you. Take the new space into consideration and make your decision.

Also think of the range of purposes your room might be used for. If you have young children roaming around the house, it is best to have stain-resistant furniture that only have blunt edges, and to avoid furniture made of fragile materials e.g. glass table. On the other hand, if your kitchen table is also going to be used as a study table, make sure that the size is not only sufficient to accommodate the whole family, but the table surface is also relatively resistant to pen marks.

Overall aesthetics, theme and design

If you want your new home to have a Scandinavian design theme, and your previous home consists of more industrial pieces and you do not want to bring them over, you might consider selling them off or bringing only your favourite pieces.

When deciding on the specific furniture, start with the larger furniture e.g. tv consoles, sofa, bed frames, cupboards, then slot in the smaller items accordingly thereafter e.g. chairs, lamps. However, always refer back to the theme that you have decided on and remember to coordinate your furniture pieces.

Deciding on the move

After you have decided what to move, we recommend getting a reliable moving company in Singapore to give you a moving estimate. A reputable company will give you advice on how to move certain types of furniture, and will also ensure that all your furniture arrive intact.

You can get a quote for your upcoming move by contacting CYC Movers directly or filling up the request form over here:

Purchasing New Furniture

If, after you consider these factors, you decide to get some new furniture online, here are some tips for you.

Extra tips for shopping for furniture online:

    • Do a little research on the particular material and colour of the furniture stated on the website. For sizing, mock up the size of the furniture within your new apartment.
    • Assembly and Service: More often than not, furniture is not delivered intact, therefore, do take note of past customers’/company’s review of the service of the company. An ideal piece of furniture may turn out to be a disappointment if it takes you an excessive amount of effort to piece together, or has a scratch on it.
    • Returns and Exchange Policies: for customers who are new to purchasing furniture online, a conservative set of policies may greatly entice them to purchase, since there’s a form of safeguard towards something that might seem risky otherwise.

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