Tips On Packing Your Kitchen For A Move

Tips On Packing Your Kitchen For A Move

Anyone who has experienced moving houses might be familiar with how long it takes to pack up a kitchen. Apart from a variety of individual items to remove from cabinets and drawers, the kitchen poses a significant challenge due to the variety of breakable and irregularly shaped objects.

Furthermore, you typically won’t find that many items to give away or donate in kitchens, since most of the items will be used in the new home. This is why a methodical, step-by-step approach is important when packing up the kitchen. Making the mistake of not planning your kitchen packing is one of the biggest moving mistakes; however, by planning ahead and using your resources wisely, you can streamline the process. Read on as we share simple tips on how to pack your kitchen items for a house move.

1. Dispose of items that don’t need to move with you

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Prior to moving, weed out the items you’re leaving behind and select the items you’re keeping. Check to make sure you are not moving items that shouldn’t be packed, and make sure the things you won’t take have a place to go. Be very selective when you go through everything in the cupboards and drawers. Consider donating unneeded items to shelters or food banks, selling them at a garage sale, or offering them to friends and neighbours.

2. Put aside some essentials to pack last

There’s no point in packing up your entire kitchen only to discover you didn’t have any utensils for dinner. Make sure you have your essential kitchen items on hand before and after your move. It’s a good idea to keep a couple of bowls out for each member of your family, as well as a plate, cup, and a set of flatware. Also, you may want to keep a dish towel, dish soap, a sponge (which you can discard when you move), and any appliances you may need during the packing process, such as a coffee machine. Each of these items can be packed separately in a kitchen essentials box on your house moving day.

3. Never place glass at the bottom of a box with heavy objects on top

Even if there’s room inside the box, you should avoid putting anything on top of your glassware. Glass is too fragile to support excessive weight. The best option is to use dividers that fit into standard boxes. Though your glassware is better protected within dividers than out of them, you’ll still want to wrap each piece in proper packing paper.

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At CYC Movers, our packing materials include boxes and labels. Our team of house movers will safely pack your kitchen appliances using high-quality packing materials, ensuring that they remain safe and secure during transit.

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So now that you know the basics of how to pack your kitchen for a move, it is time to get packing! Do note that due to health and safety concerns, our movers will not move food that is perishable the day of the move, such as milk, eggs, frozen cake, meat, fruits, etc. Perishable foods cannot be packed and moved on a truck. Because of this, it is a good idea to try and phase out grocery shopping before moving day to help minimise waste. 

Utilize our house moving services and make moving day a breeze! Using our large fleet of vehicles, our team of reliable house movers can transport your items efficiently and safely. 

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