Common Issues Encountered While Moving And How To Face Them: Office Edition

Office Moving Problems

You may have read our previous article about Common Issues encountered while moving for a home setting, so here is the much anticipated sequel – Common Issues Encountered While Moving And How To Face Them: Office Edition!

Compared to the world of home moving, office moving is a totally different ball game. Things are scaled massively, especially for large offices, and the sheer amount of objects that need to be moved increase by huge amounts. With that in mind, there are a host of common problems that occur when companies decide to move. In this guide, we aim to break down the processes that occur in office moving.

#1:Data Security

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One of the most important factors that is often overlooked is data security. How should a company keep their information secure and protected while on the move? It would be terrible if something happened to that hard drive with all the confidential company secrets wouldn’t it? Confidential or valuable company information falling into the wrong hands could spell disaster for your entire operation, so make sure it doesn’t happen.

Solution: A very viable solution is storing your data in the cloud and encrypting it such that only trusted team members or company staff can access the data. Always have backups ready in either physical or virtual form so that you have all bases covered.

#2:Physical Security

As mentioned in the article about Home moving, Office moving also involves a security risk, and probably to a larger degree, as important monetary information and personal information of many people are at stake. During the moving phase, evildoers and saboteurs could easily sneak in and steal equipment, documents and classified information.

Solution: While it may be convenient to leave the doors wide open so that the movers have an easier time, this leaves your building open to attack from intruders. Always guard entrances and exits, and ensure that boxes and equipment are securely stashed before being transported.

#3:Important Documents

Protection of important documents seems to be a recurring theme in this article, and that is only because they are essential to a company’s legislation and administration. Losing these could prove messy and potentially fatal for the company.

Solution: Waterproof everything. This includes physical storage, paper documents, dossiers and more. Seal them away so that no unexpected intruders can reach the documents – this list includes pests, pets, thieves and saboteurs.


During a moving operation on a large scale, it is still important to take note of the safety of employees and movers alike. Injuries can occur if safety is disregarded, which can be tough to deal with. Moving the heavy printers and furniture should be left to the professionals, so don’t make the employees move the stuff if you care about their safety.

Solution: Ensure that the right safety measures are in place. Provide a first-aid kit if necessary. Do not use stairs when lifting heavy equipment. Trust your professional movers to handle the hard work, and the process becomes much safer for your employees too.

#5:Poor Time Management

This is something that can be easily avoided most of the time, yet companies continue to make this costly error at the expense of valuable working time. The worst examples of this include not allocating enough time for packing, rushing employees to load stuff into the truck, sloppily organising items, and so on.

Solution: Plan in advance of the moving date, so that every single item is properly categorised and packed securely. Use the step-by-step incremental method to pack boxes so that you don’t have to pack everything in a single day. Delegating tasks for employees is also useful here, as many hands make for less work.

#6:Lack of Recovery Processes

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In the event that you do lose some important data or information, a recovery process is vital. Without it, you are as good as a deer in the headlights. Learn some useful recovery techniques to ensure that you are prepared for the worst problems.

Solution: Backup all computers and software daily or weekly so that you won’t have to do it all in one go. Ensure that you have more than one reliable recovery method so that if your backups fail, you have a backup backup which you can access your information from. If it is physical data that has been stolen, file a police report or complaint.

#7:Anger Management

When the situation becomes stressful, due to the burden of responsibility which is placed on the managers and organisers of the office movement, tempers can flare. The chaos and unpredictability of moving an entire organisation’s items can also cause arguments and conflict. We understand that moving is an extremely stressful affair and that many things could go wrong, but getting mad does not solve any of those problems.

Solution: Calm down and assess the situation. If its a loss of an important document which may cost the company, refer to point #3 above. If it is just a case of employees, teammates or movers getting on your nerves, you may need to step aside and take a break from the action. The hectic nature of moving can be avoided if the right planning takes place, or if an experienced moving company is involved to help streamline the process, starting from the beginning.


Office Moving is often a tedious and possibly dangerous time for companies, large or small, new or old. Using the right methods to ensure important data is protected can go a long way. Hiring the best moving company for your needs is also important. CYC Movers is an experienced moving company that specialises in Office Moving. Handling equipment, documents and files is easy with their reliable services.