Moving into a New House Can be Stress Free with These 7 Tips

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Moving into a new house can be a stressful ordeal for everyone. This is especially so for those moving into a new house for the very first time. There are so many things to attend to when making a house move. This could be considering where to get help for your move or deciding how to pack.

That is why CYC Movers have come with 7 tips that will allow you to move into your new home with less stress as possible. However, before we dive right into the topic, it will be good to briefly understand why people experience stress when it comes to moving into their new home.

Why do People Face Stress When Moving into a New House?

Moving into a new house seems like a simple task.
Packing your items. Cleaning up your room. All these don’t sound difficult, right?

Yet these simple tasks can easily turn into something insurmountable. Moving out means that you are moving into a new environment. It can get a little scary when you have to leave your neighbours whom you, perhaps, have developed a close bond with for a period of time.

Time could also be a source of stress. The pressure of having to complete numerous tasks prior to moving day can easily take a toll on your emotional and physical well-being.

While moving into a new home can be a cause for stress, this very same event can be a cause for celebration and excitement. It is, after all, a milestone in your life to remember. Read on to find out how you can make this milestone more of a joyous occasion rather than a stressful ordeal.

1. Plan Ahead

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In Singapore, most of us are busy meeting the daily demands in our career. This is why it is better to plan ahead. Once you know for sure that you will be moving into a new house, give yourself at least 8 weeks to plan for it. If you are intending to hire a professional mover to help with your move, 12 weeks would be an ideal period.

Part of planning ahead is making a list of items from each room and categorising them. By doing so, you can be certain that nothing will be missed out. You can also use this chance to do some spring cleaning and throw away the things that you no longer need. You will save yourself some time packing your things. To get your moving process more organized, you can use this moving checklist that we have provided.

2. Prepare the Necessary Materials for Packing in Advance

A woman packing things into Hive boxx before moving home

After compiling and categorising a list of items from each room, it will be best to prepare some materials that will make packing easier for you.

For an easy and organised packing process, here are some useful materials that can be used to pack your belongings when preparing to move:

  1. Cardboard Boxes

    These boxes are must-have when you are packing for a move. It is ideal to obtain cardboard boxes of varying sizes. By doing so, you will be able to separate heavy and fragile items away from those that are generally easier to transport which could be items like your clothes and books.

  2. Plastic Boxes and Containers

    These materials are great for storing your electronic items such as laptop and computer parts. These transparent and waterproof boxes allow you to identify your belonging and protecting them from getting wet when they are being transported from one point to another.

  3. Bubble Wrap and Foam Peanuts

    Bubble wrap will come in handy if you need to transport items such as porcelain, ceramics, and paintings. It will protect the surface of these items from being damaged. Foam peanuts are also useful materials that serve as a cushion to protect fragile items, placed in the cardboard box, from unexpected collisions from each other during the transport.

Of course, these materials are not the only means to pack your belongings for the move. Let your creativity run wild. Watch this video below for some effective packing tips that will make your house move a stress-free one:

3. Declutter

A woman arranging the clothes and declutter before moving into new house

Take this move as an opportunity to start afresh in life. You may already have accumulated a significant amount of junk by the time you prepare to move.

By decluttering your home in advance, you will make things easier for yourself on the day of the move by getting rid of things that you don’t actually need or use.

You can start by asking yourself some key questions with regards to those items:

  • When was the last time that you used it? It is probably a good idea to get rid of it if you have not touched it for over a year.
  • Do you love it? When this involves your clothes, it could be the case that we keep those that are no longer of our style or don’t feel good wearing them anymore.
  • Does this item still carry significant value to you?

Once you have decided on this and have sorted them out, you can have those items put for sale on online platforms such as Carousell or eBay. For items that can’t be sold, you may consider donating them to the relevant organizations rather than disposing of them.

When neither of these can be done, the next alternative is to recycle them. You can easily recycle items such as your old magazines, old newspapers, used cartons, and used plastic bottles by dropping them to designated recycling bins located all across Singapore.

4. Take Good Care of Yourself

A man resting before moving into a new house

As you might have already seen, you have realized that moving into a new house is indeed a stressful process. It will be important to take good care of yourself by staying healthy and happy. After all, a famous proverb says that a cheerful heart is a good medicine.

Ensure that you get at least 8 hours of sleep so that you will not be thrown off balance. Staying up late to complete moving errands may be helpful but your body ends up paying the price for the lack of rest.

It is important to eat healthily as well. It is tempting to feed yourself with junk food during this period without a functioning kitchen. However, making an effort to eat healthily gives you much-needed energy and strength during the move. Prepare food items that travel well during your move.

These would include fruits such as apples, oranges, and bananas; green salads, hard-boiled eggs, cold pasta, and pre-made sandwiches. If there are no food items in your house, you may consider takeaways of a healthier option. There are a number of healthy food delivery services available in Singapore that does not require any preparation time.

5. Make Sure That You Pack a Bag of Overnight Essentials

It is difficult to unpack everything at once when you have just moved into your new home. We will able to relate to this point if you have moved before.

Hence, it is important to pack a bag of essentials that will last through the first night in your new home. Some essential items to pack in your bag could include:

  • Change of fresh clothes
  • Spare batteries, phone chargers and extra cables
  • Toothpaste, toothbrush and mouthwash
  • Toilet paper
  • Essential medicine
  • Coffee or tea
  • Small tools such as a Swiss Army knife
  • Your identity card (IC) and other important documents

6. Get Help from Your Friends and Loved Ones

Family with cardboard boxes, moving into a new house

It’s hard to ask for help at times. However, you may want to keep in mind that most have already been through at least one move in their lives. Hence, they will be able to relate to the stress that you are facing during this moving process.

Reach out. Ask your loved ones if they can spare a couple of hours to help you sort, pack or move. If you’re moving far away, this could be one of the last opportunities you have to spend time together.

7. Hire a Professional Mover

Perhaps your move will be much easier and faster when you hire a professional mover. Ensure that you do your research before hiring a professional mover. Reading a guide about finding a reliable and reputable mover will help.

Look up reviews by customers who have engaged the services of a particular moving company that you intend to hire for your upcoming move as well. This will give you a rough idea of what to expect when engaging their services.

Most professional movers will prefer arranging for a house visit assessment to determine various factors such as the volume of items to be transported. They will then come up with a quotation that will determine the costs of the move. Rest assured that they will inform you of any hidden costs incurred for the move.


We hope that these 7 stress-free tips to moving into a new house will give you a better idea of what to expect during the process.

Here at CYC Movers, our movers are dedicated to providing quality service that will make your moving process a stress-free one. If you are in need of hiring a professional mover to help you with your move, feel free to contact us.

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