7 Creative Moving Tips and Hacks For a Quicker Move

Moving tips and hacks by CYC Movers

Feeling stressed about moving into a new place?

Moving and relocating can be a difficult and taxing feat, especially if you’re not equipped with the right resources and tools. There’s the problem of not knowing where to begin, the potential of breaking things, and properly coordinating the big move.Items at Garage Sale

The fewer items you have to move, the easier and less expensive it will be.If you have a couple of months before your targeted date of moving, one of the ways to lighten yourself of unused, seldom used, and no-longer-needed items are to list them on Carousell


You’ll be able to earn back some cash and even play your part in helping to reduce the environmental impact. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! As the saying goes, “one man’s trash is another’s treasure!”


Naturally, the more popular and in-demand items will fly off first. Closer to the moving day, you can also have a weekend garage sale. If the objective is to greatly reduce the number of things to bring over to your new space, price them lower to go!


Ask your friends to help you on social media for increased visibility.


With the increased amount of stress that usually comes with a big change, come moving day, you’ll definitely be glad for the lighter physical (and mental) load.



  • Invest in Vacuum-Seal Bags 
    lady using vacuum seal bags while packing into luggage


Vacuum storage bags can be used to store anything from clothes to bed linen and is an effective way to save storage space.

One of the common problems we face when packing clothes for a move is how much space they take up. When it comes to clothing and other linen items, in their ‘default’ state, bulkier items like comforters, pillows, and even towels undoubtedly take up the most storage space in our cupboards and drawers.

Vacuum storage bags are particularly good for international moves where minimizing volume can help to lower the cost of shipping. For local moves, it’s not as effective for the move itself, unless you use the chance to pack away winter or travel wear.

Take a look at this video to see how effective these bags can be. And just look how satisfyingly compressed the bags get here – what a huge difference!

  • Use Your Existing Bags 
    stacked luggagePack your belongings into your suitcases, just as you would with regular storage boxes. These items are already bulky, so you might as well make good use of them for the move.There are several methods of packing, including – but not limited to – folding, rolling, using compression packing cubes, and space saver bags (the sort that allows air to be extruded from the bag as you roll and compact them repeatedly). Here’s a video comparing different packing methods:

    Each option has their pros and cons – for example, perhaps a ‘con’ with the compression technique would be: clothes packed this way usually need to be ironed before use. So although they might be space-saving, they do require more time to pack and additional time for ironing.

    It really depends on what you’re packing into the bags you already have.

  • Don’t Empty Your Drawers
    Modern open chest of drawers with baby clothes and accessories in room, closeupYup, you read that right — don’t empty your drawers! Instead, you can leave everything inside intact, and simply secure your entire drawer set with several layers of plastic wrap as a safety precaution. You certainly wouldn’t want the drawers to suddenly pop out and hurt anyone during the move.Even when you move to a new space, you’ll probably arrange your belongings in the same manner anyway, so don’t bother to go through the hassle of removing them in the first place.

    This simple step will save you not just time and effort, but also the extra cost that would have been incurred if you had to buy additional storage boxes.

    Disclaimer: This only works if the contents of your drawers are clothes or pieces of cloth – do not do this with your kitchen cupboards that contain glassware or kitchenware.

    Also, do not leave valuables and heavy items such as books inside drawers.

  • Use Softer Items as Padding
    stack of folded linenAnother thing to save cost on ditch the excessive bubble wrap, and just use what you already have.Make use of clothes, towels, sheets, or anything soft – they can be used as decent padding to safely and efficiently pack other items. In sufficient amounts, they effectively function the same way as bubble wrap by cushioning your belongings, lessening the chance of scratches, damage or breakage during the move.

    For glassware and kitchenware, use a few layers of newspapers and secure them with coloured tape or string. Don’t forget to pad and support them from inside too, where possible.

    You’ll be surprised by how much you can save by reducing the amount of bubble wrap!

  • Request for Artwork Crating
    art crate quarter-filledMoving pieces of artwork require more effort and materials than you might think. Most moving experts use specialised art-handling tools and equipment and possess necessary knowledge and skills to move your art safely.If you are considering packing and moving fine art on your own, you do need to be aware that proper professional packing materials are required – if you are inexperienced, you might just damage the art pieces, and even get injured in the process as well.

    In our opinion, when it comes to the moving of delicate, fragile, or expensive art, it’s still best to get a professional art mover. This is certainly one thing we advise you not to save on – or else, it might cost you dearly.

  • Take a Picture of Your Electronics Before Packing 
    RJ45 cables connected to a networking switchBefore you begin unplugging any of your electronics like your TV, router, or desktop PC, make sure you know how to hook them back up. A simple way would be to take ‘before’ pictures for reference.Grab quick snaps first of your electronics, attached cables, and other connectors, because they will be helpful in saving you time when you have to reassemble and reconnect everything after the move.


Need Help With Your Next ‘Big Move’? 

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If you require assistance with office or house moving, or need help with IT infrastructure relocation, or even furniture logistics,  and furniture storage solutions, we know we can be of service.

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